SaGE Microfiber Products

What is Microfiber ?

Microfiber is a synthetic material that consists of an interlocking blend of two fibers: polyester and polyamide. Polyester is a fiber that is useful for polishing and cleaning while polyamide is a fiber that is absorbent and quick-drying. When the two fibers are combined, the individual qualities of both fibers are united, creating the uniqueness and effectiveness of Microfiber as a material.

The revolutionary technology and effectiveness of the Microfiber lies in the construction of each strand. Each microscopic strand of Microfiber has been split, creating millions of tiny hooks that attract, absorb, and remove all kinds of dirt, dust, and bacteria from a surface. Each strand of fiber is shaped like a wedge, trapping the dirt until it is washed. Since the dirt gets trapped in the fibers, the same Microfiber cloth or mop head can be used for a longer period of time cleaning larger surface areas before having to be laundered. Each square inch of Microfiber contains approximately 90,000 fibers.

Why Should I Use Microfiber?
Microfiber is a lint-free, non-abrasive, and hypoallergenic product that allows you to clean without the use of chemicals. Unlike traditional cotton and paper wiping products or cotton mops that tend to push or smear dirt and grime, Microfiber actually gets underneath the dirt and germs, lifting them from the surface and trapping them until the cloth or mop is laundered. For this reason, chemicals are not needed. Microfiber is very absorbent and can hold up to seven times its weight in moisture. Microfiber dust cloths are safe on all surfaces. Microfiber can be used with a diluted disinfectant. If you choose to use chemicals, you can use less by diluting the chemical with water.

How Do I Get the Most Out of My Microfiber?
Microfiber cleaning towels work best when used slightly damp. For optimum results, spray mist the Microfiber towel with tap water and wipe. No chemicals are needed. If the towel leaves streaks while cleaning, it is too damp or too dirty and needs to be washed. Microfiber is safe on most surfaces. For polishing and dusting, Microfiber towels are best when used dry. Microfiber mops have similar qualities as Microfiber towels. Microfiber looped and scrubbing mop pads can be used wet or dry, Microfiber tube mops are to be used with water and minimal chemicals, and Microfiber fringed mops are to be used dry for dusting. Microfiber mops are safe on most floor surfaces as well as walls and ceilings. Both Microfiber cloths and mops are economical as they last hundreds of washings. See suggestions below for properly washing and drying your Microfiber towels and mop pads.

How Should I Wash and Dry My Microfiber?
Microfiber towels and mop pads should be washed in either cool water or warm water (approximately 105 degrees or less). Tumble dry low, air dry, or place in an extractor. Please make sure the dryer has fully cooled off from previous load. ALWAYS wash colors separately. NEVER use bleach or fabric softener and NEVER iron. Also, NEVER wash Microfiber towels or mop pads with other laundry, especially cotton terry towels. The lint from the other towels will stick to the Microfiber and you will have a very hard time getting it off. To keep the wedges intact, it is best to wash Microfiber in a full load to ensure less wear and tear.

What Surfaces Can Microfiber be used on?
Microfiber towels can be used on most surfaces including stainless steel, chrome, aluminum, mirrors, carpets, plastic, polished surfaces, silver, fiberglass, granite, Plexiglas, Teflon, vinyl, painted surfaces, brass, porcelain, marble, rubber, upholstery, appliances, anodized metals, ceramic tiles, pets, glass, crystal, wood, hard wood floors, leather, high lacquered finish and more! Microfiber towels can be used to clean and remove dirt, soap scum, lubricants, dust, food, fingerprints, solvents, grime, sticky residue, moisture, wax, grease, silicone and more! Microfiber looped mops work great on smooth surfaces including wood, tile, VCT and marble while Microfiber scrubbing mops are great for cleaning slate, stone and uneven tile. Microfiber tube mops are ideal for larger floor areas such as hallways and common areas while Microfiber fringed dry mops are best for a range of floor surfaces including hallways, gymnasiums, food courts, common areas and more.

How Can I Use Microfiber for Color Coded Cleaning?
Microfiber towels and mops make great additions to any color coded cleaning program as there are a wide variety of colors available to fit the cleaning program designed specifically for your facility. Other benefits include infection control, bridging communication barriers, tracking inventory and simplifying employee training. Although there technically is not a “color standard” in the United States, there are general trends that have emerged, which many have come to observe such as red for areas with a higher risk of cross contamination, yellow for lower risk areas, green for food service areas and blue for general purpose cleaning.

What Makes Microfiber “Green”?
Microfiber consists of millions of tiny hooks that attract, absorb, and removed dirt, dust, and bacterial from surfaces without the use of chemicals. Eliminating chemical use is better for the environment and the air quality at facilities being cleaned. Microfiber towels and mop pads are also lightweight, allowing more to fit into each wash cycle compared to traditional cloths. Microfibers also have a longer life span than traditional cloths and mops, helping to reduce turnover and waste. Washing Microfiber in cool water and permanent press or air dry settings on your dryer will use less energy than the regular setting.




  • -5 gallon rinse water & 4.5 clean water capacity
  • -3″ swivel casters
  • -Features: pole holder, carry handle and front pour spout
  • -Rinse water empty valve, flat mop wringer insert
  • -Color: Lime Green or Blue bucket w/ gray wringer

PT DOLLY PTDOLLY-e1344447857800

  • -Dolly Metal 6″ Wheels
  • -2 rectangular 6 gal. buckets w/ lids
  • -Color: green & gray buckets

DB2 TROLLEY DB2TROLLEY-e1344441177404

  • -Trolley w/ 2 – 6.25 gal. buckets (green & gray)
  • -Roller wringer
  • -Caddie (green) for spray bottles/cloths
  • -Bottom storage caddy (gray) for mop/trowel, pole holder
  • -Reversible metal push handle
  • -3″ swivel casters w/ bumper




  • -Trolley w/ Flat Press Bucket & Mop Press
  • -8 gallon bucket capacity
  • -Built in handle hold
  • -3″ swivel casters

DB1 DB1-e1344438330940

  • -One-Piece divided bucket
  • -3″ casters & Roller wringer, pole holder
  • -4.5 gal. rinse capacity & 3 gal. clean solution capacity
  • -Color: Lime Green



  • -Aluminum telescopic handle (39.5″ to 72″)
  • -Blue grip




Premium 18” looped microfiber mop with bonding yarn and tab backing. Fit both CPI and 3 hole TAB frames.

  • -Colors: Yellow(Y), Red(R), Blue(B), Green(G)
  • -Spec: 6” x 18” mop with TRIO SPLIT Technology™ and coated polyester backing.
  • -Packaging: 12/polybag – 48/case


Frame w/ swivel, collapsible for touch free operation

  • -16″ x 5″
  • -Color: gray



  • -Premium 18″ looped microfiber mop w/ bonding yarn
  • -Pocket backing
  • -Colors: Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, White







  • -Frame w/ swivel, collapsible for touch free operation
  • -16″ x 5″
  • -Color: gray honeycomb base w/ blue collar